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Dental Bridges

Missing one tooth or several teeth can interfere with your oral function and interrupt the symmetry of your smile.

Say goodbye to gaps and hello to a better smile with dental bridge treatment.

At Castle Dental in Los Algodones, MX, our dentists can help you bridge the gap to dental perfection with a customized dental bridge. 

What Are Dental Bridges? A Closer Look at Traditional Bridges

A dental bridge is a restoration designed to fill in the gap left by a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth in a row. The reasons for missing teeth can range from root canal infections and injuries to decay. No matter how you've lost your natural teeth, our dentists can restore your smile with a dental bridge. This video demonstrates the process of placing a traditional dental bridge at our Los Algodones practice:

Parts of a Dental Bridge

If you're considering a bridge, it helps to understand some basic parts of these types of restorations:


Pontics are the artificial teeth that fill in each gap left behind by missing teeth. If you're replacing one tooth with a traditional bridge, you would have one pontic. If you're replacing two teeth, you'd have two pontics, and so on. 

Abutment Teeth

Abutment teeth refer to the teeth that support a traditional bridge on each side of the gap in your smile. 

Dental Implants

If you choose to have an implant-supported bridge instead of a traditional bridge, two dental implants will be inserted on each end of the gap. The implants function as prosthetic tooth roots to prevent jaw bone atrophy and provide unbeatable support for your restoration. 

Can a Dental Bridge Treat Your Concerns? Request a Consultation to Learn More

Dental bridges are a great solution for filling in the gap left behind by one or more missing teeth. Whether you've lost a tooth from a root canal infection, an injury, or an extraction, the gap left behind can interfere with your dental function and the look of your smile. A dental bridge can prevent misalignment from shifting teeth, a sunken facial appearance, chewing and speaking difficulties, and more. Consider a dental bridge as an all-encompassing solution for various dental care concerns.

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Wonderful is the best way to describe the experience here at Castle Dental. The staff is top notch and very professional and helpful. I got the late to my appointment and there was zero issues. They just worked me in. Highly recommend

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Highly recommend! I have LOTS of anxiety about going to the dentist. After this visit, I have become an advocate. Dr. Beltran and his team were amazing. They provided an excellent experience. Very Professional and skilled, Dr. Beltran is so thorough and informative, cannot recommend them more highly.

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A Two Day Treatment Timeline For a Traditional Dental Bridge

If you're looking for extra stability provided by dental implant surgery, additional steps will be added to your treatment timeline. Dental implant treatment takes several months and requires multiple visits to our office. However, if you choose a traditional bridge, the entirety of your treatment can be completed in two appointments.
Thanks to our on-site CAD/CAM milling machine, your permanent dental bridge is ready in two days. 
Thanks to our on-site CAD/CAM milling machine, your permanent dental bridge is ready in two days. 


Join us at one of our two dental office locations in Los Algodones for a free consultation with one of our dentists, or contact our team to send pictures and X-rays for a virtual consultation. We'll determine if a dental bridge is right for your needs and start planning your treatment.


On the day of your traditional bridge treatment, your dentist will prepare the abutment teeth on both sides of the gap to support the ends of your dental bridge.


We will then take digital impressions of your teeth and gums to craft a bridge that blends in seamlessly with your surrounding teeth. Digital impressions are more comfortable than traditional, gooey impressions and yield stunningly accurate results. 


We will immediately make your zirconia dental bridge with our on-site CAD/CAM milling machine. By offering CAD/CAM milled restorations exclusively, we can complete your treatment in just two appointments. Between your first and second appointment, you will be given a temporary bridge to making eating and speaking comfortable for the next 24 hours.


We typically call patients back into our office the next day to fit and cement their permanent dental bridge. When your bridge is ready for placement, we'll attach it to your abutment teeth and make any adjustments to ensure you leave our office in optimal comfort. Your dentist will cement the dental bridge for a stable, lasting fit. 

Paying for Dental Work at Our Practice

The cost of your treatment will vary based on how many dental crowns are needed for your bridge, any preparatory treatment you must undergo, and other unique factors. We can determine the cost of your treatment during a free consultation at our Los Algodones dental office

For all dental work completed at our office, we require half of the treatment to be paid in cash upfront. The rest can be paid using a credit or debit card with an extra 4% commission fee. Even with this fee, you can expect huge savings when you visit our Los Algodones dental practice from the United States or Canada. 

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Awesome and knowledgeable  staff! They pay attention  to details! They are transparent and honest about care and your options! Search no more THIS is the place you can trust with your dental needs.

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Dentist Arturo Beltran is the best dentist I ever had he’s very caring to the patients and does excellent work , I’m very happy we found him .

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